Membership and Delegation Management

Our Membership team ensures that your association's members are well taken care of throughout their membership.  

We can help your association offer the best possible service to your members by providing personalised customer service, maintaining membership databases, designing and facilitating all membership communication, and more.  

Our experts are on hand to help you retain and grow your membership, while ensuring that your association offers top-notch service. 

Our Membership service includes: 

  • A dedicated head office providing members with a dedicated telephone number and email account for public and member enquiries.
  • Personalised customer service and member engagement.
  • Maintaining membership databases, supporting membership applications, renewals and subscriptions.
  • Designing and facilitating all membership communication.
  • Issuing Subscription Renewal Notices / Invoices, annual Membership Cards, and other membership communication.
  • Member benefit support and advice.
  • Fulfilling publication orders and publication bulk mailings.
  • Management of member distribution lists.
  • Facilitate online registration and payment of your association’s events, including registering for multiple events at once, registering colleagues, downloading invoices/receipts from your event history within account management.
  • Delegate support for all events.
  • Membership metrics and monitoring.
  • creation and distribution of membership surveys.
  • Accreditation schemes and CPD application.