At our Macclesfield office, we offer a Membership service that provides our clients' members with personalised support and engagement. We maintain membership databases, handle membership applications and renewals, and design and facilitate all membership communication. We issue Subscription Renewal Notices / Invoices and annual Membership Cards, provide member benefit support and advice, and manage publication orders and distribution lists. We also facilitate online registration and payment for association events, provide delegate support for all events, and create and distribute membership surveys. Additionally, we offer accreditation schemes and CPD application services.

Our Events Management services are designed to make event planning stress-free for our clients. We attend event planning meetings with the conference chair, manage budgets and reporting in line with agreed KPIs, and handle all logistics, including technical and audio-visual management. We also manage supplier sourcing, negotiation, and management, handle speaker guidance and liaison, and manage sponsorship and exhibition management and liaison. We provide risk assessment, venue compliance, and health & safety management at events and create, produce, and administer conference apps to ensure a seamless experience for all attendees. 

Overall, our team at Macclesfield is dedicated to providing exceptional membership and events management services, with a focus on personalised support and attention to detail.